We value your privacy and security, so we are going to make some changes to make our service more stable and secure, here's what we are going to do:

1. Server softwares will be running in a encrypted container.

To make the information stored on our server more secure, we are planning to run our server softwares in containers which are stored on encrypted disk which in turn encrypts data like billing information.

2. We will update our software as soon as the upstream bug/security fixes are available.

We constently monitoring on public Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (e.g. National Vulnerability Database) and the developers and/or websites who provides softwares we used in our prodcuts for future vulnerability alerts, we will try to minimize attack surface as soon as the bug/security fixes are available and update our software accrodingly.

3. The CTO in our team has many years of experience in cybersecurity.

He has been working on cybersecurity for many years in the past, by having a security professional in house we expect our service will be more and more stable and secure.

4. We constantly train our employees security practices to minimize social attacks.

Many software services are brought down because of human errors, and we don't want that to happen on us, so we train our employees every week, teach them how to prevent their computer from being hacked(e.g. by not opening emails from unknown senders), how secure & encrypt their information and many more.

5. Contact us if you found any security vulnerabiltiy.

If you found any bugs and/or securuity vulnerabilities, please contact us before making the disclosure to buy some time before other hackers attacks our services.